Robina's Story

Welcome to Starlite Alley Studios, a creative enterprise dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence and the preservation of precious memories through photography.  Time marches on and details fade however, memories captured in print will last a lifetime and can take you back to a time and place that no longer exists.  As a young girl I was given a Kodak instamatic camera which I used to capture black and white snapshots of my world.  I still have some of those images preserved in an old photo album.  They are merely paper and ink, but despite their age and condition they speak to me; they whisper recollections of the sweet innocence of youth. They talk about an era that no longer exists and they gently murmur the names of people long gone and deeply missed.  They are more precious to me than I can express in mere words.  They are the story of my life.

At Starlite Alley Studios we want to be part of your story.  We offer a wide variety of photographic services ranging from in-studio to natural light location sessions, as well as event and wedding photography.    Photographing people at all stages of life is our passion and each session is a collaborative effort tailored to our client's vision.  Tell us what speaks to you and we will customize your session to match your style.  


Session prices start as low as $125 including print credits.  Please contact us for more information on our packages, or sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive information on periodic specials.


Robina                97 Wilson Street Woodstock, Ontario Canada               519-788-6047